The Best Social Media Platforms for Promoting Events

The Best Social Media Platforms for Promoting Events

Want people to attend your event?

Most people think about event listing sites and traditional ads, but forget one of the most important places to promote it; social media!

So what social media platforms should you be using to promote your events, and how should you use them? 

These days, no event promotion is complete without a social media presence. From event pages that help gauge interest to “official” event hashtags that help spread hype, social media is now part of the modern-day ritual of attending events, so it has to be part of promoting them too.

But if you really want to make the most of your social media pages and posts, there are three platforms you can’t ignore – and a few features and techniques you won’t want to pass up. 

Whether you’re trying to sell out a stadium or attract donations for your nonprofit event, putting your event on social media is a must.

Here are three of the most effective social media platforms for promoting events:



1. Facebook

 It’s free and easy to create an event page on Facebook, but if you want the right people to see the page and grow a guest list, make sure it’s engaging and informative.
That means consistent updates – a daily or weekly countdown is perfect for this – and plenty of information, including clear links, contact info, locations, dates, and photos.
sample Facebook event page Your goal is to get people excited enough to add your event to their calendar (by clicking “interested” or “attending”), then maintain that excitement with more details until they purchase tickets or attend.

A direct link makes it that much easier for attendees to purchase tickets, and responding promptly to their public questions will make them feel welcome and heard.

Make sure your RSVPs are visible too, because people are more likely to commit to events if they know friends and neighbors will be there too. 

For a complete list of how you can use Facebook to promote your event click here.

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2. Twitter

If you want to engage directly and immediately with your potential guests, Twitter is a great way to do it.

Tweets are short and sweet ways to keep your event on everyone’s mind, and Twitter’s paid advertisements make sure a wider audience will see those concert videos and giveaway photos in their Twitter feed.

As you promote your event on Twitter, use your official hashtags every time, but don’t overload your followers with visual content in every post.

Instead, post a daily countdown to keep them excited and aware, then sprinkle in preview posts with engaging visual content.


Here are a few tips for promoting your event on Twitter:

1. Create a unique and compelling hashtag

2. Encourage anyone attending your event (guests, artists, speakers, vendors, sponsors, affiliates, staff) to use your hashtag when promoting that event

3. Add value to your tweets with information for your readers

4. Respond to any tweets within an hour or your engagement will go down.

5. Make a captivating campaign

6. Host giveaways and competitions

7. Don‘t forget to be human not a machine, engage with your followers because you want to!

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3. Instagram

Promoting a specific Instagram hashtags at your event is smart, but it should also be the last step in your plan, because it doesn’t pay off until the event’s already in progress.

Well before anyone shows up and posts a photo or story, use Instagram to drum up interest with contests, previews, live stories and more.

For example, you can post photos of the food that will be served, videos of the artists that will perform, or slideshows of the décor and other preparations as you make them.

To get a better idea of what I am talking about, we created a list of the top 5 ways you can use Instagram to sell more tickets.


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Want to know if your efforts are paying off?

Business accounts have access to Instagram Insights, a free service that analyzes how people interact with your posts and stories.

Use Insights to learn more about your audience, including gender, age, location, and to identify which posts are attracting the most engagement (reach, profile visits, and impressions).


Are you ready to promote your event on social media?

All three platforms offer free and paid features that make it easier to spread the word. Just make sure you’re engaging your target audience with answers they need, information they want, and updates that will encourage and remind them to attend.

For more promotional ideas, check out our top 4 free promo ideas for your next event.

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