Stop Thinking These Things To Become More Successful

Stop Thinking These Things To Become More Successful

Everyone has negative traits that can sabotage their productivity and performance both in life and at work. There are, however, some things they can do to help minimize this occurrence and assist with breaking negative thinking habits and practices that sabotage them.

The following are things you need to STOP thinking in order to find more success in your life.


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1. “What if this happens, and this, and this … "

Thinking things through is necessary to make informed decisions and planning a way to tackle projects and tasks in life.

Sometimes, though, we tend to over-think all aspects of our personal and professional life. When people over-think things, they cause stress that is unnecessary and people reduce their ability to make good choices quickly. Over-thinking can cloud judgement and cause individuals to hesitate too long. Over time, all aspects of life may suffer.

overthinking head explosionWhen you start over-thinking one thing, most of the time you start over thinking anything else that is involved and think of possibilities that could happen a year from now. This will not only drive you crazy, but drive you to a breaking point of insanity.

There is only so much you can control and that is why they say “live in the moment” for a reason, or else you can never enjoy your present time, instead constantly worry about the future.

Thinking is good. Over-thinking can end things before they ever get the chance to develop.


2. “I can just do it tomorrow”

To be successful, people have to quit putting things off and saying they will do it tomorrow. When they continue to procrastinate, things slip through the cracks and make life more difficult, difficult tasks get put on hold and pile up until you have to face them all at once instead of spreading them out.

Do the things that can be accomplished now, relax and enjoy completing the little tasks without unfinished business looming overhead and creating stress.

Like Martin Luther King, Jr once said “You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step”.


3. “I can’t do that, that is impossible”

nothing is impossible text by audrey hepburnIt may be tempting to tell ourselves that we are limited to certain options, when really, it probably isn’t the case.

Quit engaging in negative thinking for alternatives and other possibilities. There is a world of possibilities out there, but people just have to know how to look for new opportunities and banish negative thinking.

The only thing that holds us back from getting what we want is ourselves.

We tell ourselves we can’t do that, we arn‘t talented enough, etc. but what you need to do is pretend you already have these options or possibilities; believe they are already yours and the universe will bring them to you. Positive thinking!




4. “I wish I could do that” or “I wish this would change”

First piece of advice, stop saying I wish! Instead say this IS going to happen or this IS going to change.

To desire change, but refusing to do anything about it, leads to absolutely nothing happening. To incite change, do something about it.

Take action and tackle the things that are able to be done today and stay on task until the goal is reached and change begins to happen. It won’t be easy, and it may take time, but if the effort is put into achieving more, success is bound to follow, eventually. Don’t give up and don’t compromise goals, instead seek what you want or better yet believe you already have it so it is easier to get.


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If a situation seems overwhelming, try to work on small tasks towards a remedy for the situation. Add additional tasks little by little as it seems easier. Over time, the mountain will be no more and the dark cloud looming overhead will be gone.


5. “Why does everything bad happen to me?”

When things go wrong, some people will say they have terrible luck and bad things always happen to them. The fact is, everyone suffers setbacks and defeats throughout life.

Part of being more successful is acknowledging the situation and forming a plan to overcome the obstacles in the path to victory. If you feel like life is always negative and nothing good comes from it, that is because you are attracting negative thoughts and experiences. So change the way you think. If you start thinking more positive, you will realize the positives in your life, it is called the law of attraction.

“You create everything that happens to you. It is only by acknowledging that you have created everything up until now that you can take charge of creating the future you want - Jack Canfield

A major part of the negative thinking trap is playing the victim. Quit blaming everything and everybody else for unsatisfactory outcomes and results. Get up and get out there and create the change for the better. The seemingly bad luck will almost magically change with some effort and elbow grease.


We all fall into the trap of negative thinking from time to time, but chronic negativity is a productivity killer and can affect all aspects of personal and professional life. Try to stop negative thoughts and actions in their tracks by incorporating positive thinking and acknowledging the potential that exists in any situation. Try to use these helpful tips to overcome bad habits that lead to stress and anxiety about situations. There is a world of possibilities out there and you control all of them.


Book Recommendation

For those of you who want to improve your thinking, we recommend reading “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne (this is not a sponsored post, just a really good book!).

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