New Venue Tool Lets Promoters Save Any Address for Future Events

New Venue Tool Lets Promoters Save Any Address for Future Events

Due to customer feedback and demand for the functionality, we have added the new Venue Address tool accessible in your Purplepass account. The venue feature allows promoters to save venues they’ve used or add new ones so they can quickly apply them to other future events.


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Now, instead of manually entering the same venue for recurring or new events, promoters can use the venue tool to find saved locations and import them quickly during the event creation process.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Log in to your Purplepass promoter dashboard

  2. Select “Create New Event” in the top navigation bar

  3. Scroll down to the “Location” section

  4. Go to the first box “Select Venue Location”

red arrow pointing to select venue location

a drop down menu in the Purplepass account

Here you will be presented with the option to create a new venue or select one that has been saved.

If adding a new venue, once that event is saved, the venue will be added to that list for future events. If another event uses that same venue, the drop down menu will make it easy to quickly load that saved venue.

Deleting your venues

If you want to delete a venue from your saved list, this can be done by

  1. Selecting the venue from the list on the event creation page

  2. Selecting the X in the right corner

  3. And selecting “Yes” to delete

red arrow pointing to an x symbol

Updating and editing saved venues

If you wish to change the venue being used, add or update information, you can do so in the event creation page. Select the venue for that event, make the changes and save/publish your event.

*** If you change the venue details, it will automatically apply to every event using that venue.

Any changes you make will not affect the venue capacity specific to that event. The capacity or amount of tickets you can sell is not directly linked to any venue changes.

A venue address is used to let customers know where the event is taking place. Purplepass also use this address for plotting the location on the built-in map for tickets and driving directions. Adding a venue is optional if promoters don’t wish to announce the location.

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