Tab M Point-Of-Sales Mobile Box Office

Tab M Point-Of-Sales Mobile Box Office

Designed to turn your mobile devices into a powerful point-of-sales solution, the Tab M credit card swipe might be the option for you. Now you have the choice to incorporate the Tab M into an iPad Pro, Air 1 and 2 to use at your next event. 


infinea tab m credit card swipe/reader deviceTab M works as a combination of a barcode scanner and magnetic card reader for credit cards during admissions at an event gate. The scanner is scanning part of the credit card swipe and typically used as part of your mobile box office.

In your Purplepass Mobile Box Office (MBO), after putting your settings into kiosk mode, you can enable the Tab M scanner to keep its laser property on and constantly scan anything below it. However, the credit card swipe feature is the main reason Tab M is requested for use at events. 


Purchasing Options

To purchase full setup ( Tab M, flexible case, stand, spinner base, stylus, charging equipment and iPad) costs $895. 

If you are interested in Tab M without the full setup, you can purchase it for $99 from your Purplepass client-care representative. Just contact us at or contact your account representative.


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You can check out other equipment available to rent through Purplepass and learn more here. To go one step further, Purplepass also has an Advanced Selling Mode where you can allow your guests to skip the lines and purchase their merchandise upon check out.

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