Learn Sustainability Trends Of 2019 At Get Off The Grid Fest!

Learn Sustainability Trends Of 2019 At Get Off The Grid Fest!

More and more each year global sustainability awareness and efforts have been growing, especially in the event industry; saving the earth is finally the "cool" thing to do! Get Off the Grid is a solar expo and sustainability fair that is taking these trends and running with it!

get off the grid fest

get off the grid fest logoThe festival works with sustainable living enthusiasts, organizations, promoters, vendors, etc. and hosts a variety of forums where people share tools, ideas, workshops and stories. They share ways of essentially getting off the grid, living more sustainable, all while listening to concerts and bands going on around the venue.

This year, the event will be held over the weekend of August 9th - 11th, 2019 in the Big Berea Pasture at Warren Wilson College, east of Asheville, North Carolina.

The Get Off the Grid Festival 

The fest is created to spread the word from expertise to willing audience as to how you can achieve renewable energy independently. After gaining this knowledge, guests will have the opportunities to learn more from the vendors, organizations, companies, individuals all showcased at the event. They will be there to share their products and ideas for living more sustainable.

Who you can expect to see at the festival:

people attending in the solar event

- Solar power producers

- Solar power installers

- Biodynamic farmers

- Organice growers

- Food activists

- Healing arts and holistic health practitioners

- Earth scientists

- Educators from area schools

- Local community organizations and vendors

Get Off the Grid Fest will be featuring a variety of musicians, performers, presenters and speakers on the three stages they have at the venue. Here are a list of artists you can expect to see at the 2019 event:

Rising Appalachia, Elise Witt and Donna Hopkins, Terry Garthwaite, Jeff Mosier, Strung Like a Horse, Natti Lovejoys, Sol Driven Train, Jess Goggans, Jeff Sipe, Taylor Martin, Bayou Diesel.

The event will be taking place near the campus of Warren Wilson College. The private liberal arts college offers a variety of studies in environmental education and other similar disciplines.

160 acres of the school grounds of warren wilson college
Over 160 acres of the school grounds comprise an active farm (see image above) worked in part by the college students who also perform many operations including recycling, composting, food preparation and service as well as maintenance, renovation and cleaning of their dormitories, kitchens and dining areas which, in turn, receive supplies and foodstuffs from the farm itself.

Farm manager Asher Wright will be providing farm tours during the festival which is itself sited on a pasture used to grow hay and forage for the farm.



Get Off the Grid Fest offers a variety of ticketing packages for you to choose from.

3 Day Pass: $45.00

2 Day Pass: $30.00

Sunday Only: $15.00

Kids (16 and under): FREE

Click here, for other event and parking information. Let's start saving the earth together! 

get off the grid fest solar expo + sustainability fair

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