How to Submit a Guest Post For Our Blog

How to Submit a Guest Post For Our Blog

We want to hear what you have to say. Below is a short informational post with the guidelines for submitting your guest post for a chance to be featured on our blog.

Writing for our readers

Our articles are geared towards event planners and promoters, looking for advice and tips for their upcoming events. We are a resource to small businesses, nonprofits, large corporations, educational programs,  entrepreneurs, freelancers, artists, festivals, fairs and event promoters. 

The goal is to answer all their questions and limit time wasted on researching.

To achieve this, we strive to provide articles that are instructional and informative, sometimes offering step-by-step instructions; this is what we look for in our guest posts.

Topics we cover:

  • Event marketing
  • Event planning tips, hacks and advice
  • Lifestyle tips (business/office)
  • Event technology
  • Event trends and current industry news
  • Nonprofit & fundraising tips

How to get accepted as a guest author

Include real-life examples, evidential support, statistics and actionable tips. We want to be as helpful as possible; a one-stop-shop to answering all their questions. 

1. Word count

On our form we allow a minimum of 500 words, but would prefer more (between 700 - 1,000). However, if the content is good, we will accept this minimum word count. Your article can only be for our use and not published anywhere else. We check for plagiarism!

2. SEO (using keywords)

All of our articles and titles must be unique, while using primary keywords to receive a decent amount of traffic. Keywords and phrases to include depending on your topic:

  • ticket registration
  • event marketing ideas
  • event planning ideas
  • event planning checklist
  • event trends
  • event technology
  • charitable events
  • fundraising events for nonprofits
  • event merchandise

3. Insightful, quality articles

Remember, write about what you know or specialize in. We want journalistic articles that can inform our readers on specific topics, the latest event news, and other categories mentioned above.

The more specific, the better! 

4. Including links

If you want to include personal or company links, please only include a maximum of TWO links back to your own website in the article and ONE link in your author bio. 

Common reasons for rejection:

  • Too much fluff, not enough information

  • Not enough evidential support or data to back up your claims

  • We learned nothing new

  • The topic is too broad and overdone

  • Plagiarism was detected

  • Too many grammar or spelling errors

  • Not journalistic enough 

  • Lacking any informative information 

  • Word length was too short or long

  • No use of keywords

Submit your blog post below or email your submission to Purplepass’ marketing director at



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