Account Payments, Processing And Fees

Account Payments, Processing And Fees

The big questions for event planners usually are about payments, taxes, service fees, deposits etc. anything to do with money because most planners rely on a budget.

We want to help you out and make researching easier for you before deciding on your event registration. Below are top questions about this topic by account users answered you might find helpful.

“How do I get paid?”

Payouts happen on the following Thursday after your event. There are 4 different ways you can get paid for your event through Purplepass. We will show all methods here. Keep in mind, if you would like to switch to a different payment method, please contact your service rep or email

By default you are set to eCheck. This payment comes from a service called Deluxe eCheck via email. It will ask you to follow a link to receive your paycheck. Follow the instructions to retrieve your check. Feel free to create an account but this is not necessary to get the check. After downloading the check, print it out and bring this paper to the bank. The bank will be able to process this based on routing numbers and account information on the check. This method is the fastest and easiest way to get paid out.

Traditional Paper Check
If you prefer to receive a traditional paper check, this will come to you via USPS First Class mail.

Direct Deposit
Direct deposit will transfer the money directly into your bank account once payments have been sent out. You may sign up to this at any time with us. Once you are signed up and your bank account has been linked you will receive money to that account. Payouts will appear in your bank account ready for use the very next day after being paid. Please contact your service rep or let us know at to send you an ACH form to get started with this option.

Instantly via merchant account
If you have your own merchant account with an gateway account or PayPal, you can setup your account to receive funds directly to those accounts as sales are being made. To activate this option go to Settings > Merchant account. Here you will find the options to link up your merchant accounts. Please have your merchant account or Paypal information ready to proceed with this option.




“How can I control who pays?”

You have complete control over who pays for what. By default the customers will pay all fees, but you can choose to fully absorb fees or even split it up and let the customer pay a portion and you pay the rest.

payment fees

Your Merchant Account Guide

“Who pays box office fees?”

You can control who pays fees from the Settings page in the box office. If you’re already on the box office page for your event, then the settings button will be in the upper right corner.

Click on this and it will bring you to all the box office settings. Here you will see two sections, one titled “Credit card fees will be paid by:” and “Purplepass fees will be paid by:” You can toggle either one of these to whichever you wish. By default, Purplepass does not charge service fees for any tickets sold at the box office unless previously arranged. Credit card fees will always be charged to either the event organizer, by default but you may pass it to the customer if you wish.

box office fees

Absorbing service fees
This can be easily set in the ticket type options. You will need to go into the “Options” button and then you will see the option to absorb the fee or pass it to the customer. By default, service fees will always be passed along to the customer.

service fees absorbed

“What is your policy on service fees?”

As per our Terms and Conditions service, service fees and shipping costs (if applicable) are non-refundable. If an event is canceled or moved to a different date, there is no refund on service fees.


“Can I have a customer pay the portion of a fee and I will pay the rest?”

While editing your event, go to “Ticket Pricing and Options”. On each ticket type that you have you will see an options button. Go into this and you will find the option to absorb the fees. You will want to select this and then “Update Options”.

Next go to the last ticket type you have and look below that. You will see the “Add Facility Fee” option. Select that and it will show you options how much of a fee you would like to add on. You may select anything you want but remember as the ticket price goes higher the service fee we charge to you will be higher. By selecting a flat rate (% or $ amount) you will be collecting only that and any amount over that will be deducted from your ticket face value. Click on Update Event at the bottom of your Edit page and you are all set!

portion of fees paide-1
You can also define special facility fees on each ticket type separately. To do this, click on the “Options” button for each ticket type and set the custom facility fees and/or taxes.


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