6 Discovery Sites For Finding DJs In Your Location

6 Discovery Sites For Finding DJs In Your Location

Every event is different. Sometimes, an event needs extra hors d’oeuvres and bubbly, and other times you need a few metal chairs and a beer booth. But, how about those times you need something a little more, well... groovy? Finding an event DJ can be a difficult task. After all, DJs aren’t exactly a common commodity... are they?

Believe it or not, there are plenty of websites that can put you in touch with a DJ to put some bass in your step and some groove on your moves. Here are 5 online discover sites you can use to find your event DJ in the location of your event. 

the bash sites for finding dj

1. The Bash

Are you looking for an easy way to score local DJs? The Bash may be your answer. This site makes browsing for DJs easy, intuitive, and frustration-free. Here’s the great thing — you can look at their profiles to get a sense of their personality, looks, and style. So, you can be a little picky before you even ask for quotes. Then, you can request a quote from your favorites, accept the one you like the most, and get the party started!

You can submit your event info and have the algorithm tinker with the DJs that you see — which we completely recommend.

2. Thumbtack

In the world of “find me a professional x“ apps, it's hard to choose between them. But, Thumbtack has a small leg up on the competition — DJs seem to prefer it. We’re not sure why, but Thumbtack seems to have the most robust DJ selection out of all of the apps with copy cat Uber models. And that’s saying something... because there are a lot of those apps.

So, while you’re trying to find your DJ in the wasteland of apps and the online world with semi-identical manifestos, give Thumbtack a look. It may not be the most unique, innovative platform out there, but it has the talent. And that’s half the battle!

3. Gig Salad

For gig-oriented services, Gig Salad may take the cake. This website is catered for event planning professionals. And, you can find almost any event need through the services, whether that’s wedding organizers or... sword swallowers (can we come to that event!?). It even filters all of your searches by area to give you local performers. How easy is that?

Answer: Pretty easy.

4. Bark

The concept behind Bark is simple — sign up, state your needs, get a quote, get a DJ. This makes it a little different from the other options. You don’t really look for a DJ, a DJ finds you. And it works! Bark is one of the biggest DJ marketplaces out there, and it’s simple to use. Point, click, get recommendations, find, hire — that’s it.

5. Twine

Twine is a one-stop-shop for finding freelancers. Again, most of these share similar concepts. You browse a marketplace, find a person, get a quote, and hire them. The big up that Twine has is their escrow service. You can hire your DJ via the Twine escrow service and get your cash back if the gig doesn’t work out.


6. The Knot

Are you planning a wedding? The Knot will help you find a DJ... and a wedding planner, jeweler, photographer, florist, and even a venue! For event planners that specialize in weddings, The Knot gives you the same benefits as the above, but with the added benefit of a more curated list of potential applicants with the experience you need. 


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