5 Effective Places To Advertise Your Event Tickets

5 Effective Places To Advertise Your Event Tickets

Organizing an event is filled with challenges. And, filling seats is definitely towards the top of the list. According to the State of the Event Industry Report 2018, over 46% of event marketers have issues with attendance numbers and finding attendees.

Don’t worry! Finding attendees doesn’t have to be a crazy, difficult process. With the right event advertising strategy, you can get your event tickets in front of all thousands of hyper-relevant people and push them into buying. But where do you put your ads?

Try one or ALL of these 5 places!


1. Email Call-To-Actions

email call to action example

99% of consumers still check their emails every day. And, 59% of people say that email directly influences their buying behaviors.

There are still a lot of power in emails! For event marketers, we can use emails in a plethora of ways. You can stick a Call to Action (CTA) at the bottom of your email, sure. But, how about sending them invites directly through their inbox?

If you want to get technical, you can automate your campaigns with readily available email automation software tools. Or, if you like to kick it old-school, you can send out personalized emails to all of your targets. Either way, finding a way to reach your attendees in their inbox is critical when building an email ticketing system. 

A few tips to help you nail those emails:

  • If you’re using graphics, make sure they work great on mobile: 35% of business professionals pull out their phones to check their emails. And, 70% of web traffic (including email) comes from mobile devices.
  • Focus on your CTA: The average email reader will spend about 11 seconds looking at your email; Grab their attention fast! Make it bold, clear, and think about throwing in some urgency words like today,” “now!“, or “soon.”
  • A/B test: What’s the best way to tell if your emails are working? Proving it! A/B test all of your emails to continuously improveyour CTR (Click-Through Rates).
  • Use images, gifs, and videos: Adding a single video to your emails can increase your CTR by 300%! Images, videos, and even gifs catch our attention and force consumers to keep reading.



2. Social Media

social network best roi

Around the entire globe, consumers are spending around 2.5 hours DAILY on social media. And, there are a lot of us using it. 45% of the entire world’s population is on social media, including 88% of U.S adults under 30.

In other words, if you want attendees, find them on social media. And, brands are definitely aware of this. 90% of brands surveyed used social media to boost brand awareness.

Putting ads on social media will get everyone talking about your event. But how do you do it effectively?


A few tips to help you nail social ads:



3. Landing Pages

Setting up landing pages for your events is a must. And, those landing pages can work with ALL of your other marketing strategies. You can link to landing pages on social media, shove them in an email, or even put them as your blog CTAs. They’re the catch-all. Here’s the problem — only 22% of businesses are satisfied with their landing page conversion rates. Can you break the trend?

A few tips to help you convert with your landing pages:



4. Blog Posts

Chances are, if you have a website you have a blog. 91% of ALL businesses use content marketing to reach customers. And, 53% of marketers list blogging as their top marketing priority. Use your blog to advertise your event! Whether your event website has its own blog or your business has a blog, use that content to showcase your event and entice people to purchase tickets with call-to-actions and landing pages. 

Here’s how you do it!

A few tips to help you become a blogging machine:



5. Event Promo Sites

From Facebook Events to Eventful, Goldstar, and Brands inTown, there are plenty of event promotion sites to advertise on. These have a few benefits. First, people that come to these websites are already looking for events! Second, these websites are custom built for event marketers, so they’re easy-to-use and intuitive when it comes to event ads.

evensi sites for events

Since every event site differs, we won’t go into any actionable tips in this section. Instead, here’s a list of some event promo sites you should try out.


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