5 Effective Sharing Technology Trends in 2019

5 Effective Sharing Technology Trends in 2019

Business is more competitive than ever thanks to developments in marketing and brand visibility available to companies around the world. This is all thanks to our advancing technology along with the variety of platforms and services being used to extend an organizations reach. 

The trick is staying relevant on each new platform that emerges, getting your name in front of your target audience starts by taking advantage of these multiple opportunities such as the sharing technology. 

Technology can significantly boost our brands visibility through its sharing abilities. Sharing your stories, products, services and allowing followers to continue this trend is crucial for reaching new audiences and market places. So what are these sharing platforms and tricks you should be taking advantage of?


1. Social Media Quick Share Links

twitterWhen it comes to creating engagement between your audience and getting your brand in front of extended viewers, social media is king. In fact, most adults use some form of social media daily. According to Pew Research, of those adults, 52% have over one social media account. 

Current 2019 statistics show that there are 3.2 billion social media users worldwide, equal to about 42% of the current population. 

Statistics show that targeting over one social media platforms is a savvy move for businesses, in fact it’s recommended that a business should be on at least three platforms, and that’s low. Recent social media research discovered both Facebook and YouTube to be the two most popular social media platforms today, with the highest sharing power and reach. Consider including eye-catching, concise content complete with a quick share link to harness their power. Including a quick share link gives the viewer the ability to showcase your brand to their own connected audience and continue sharing your mission.  


2.Real-Time Twitter Shoutouts

Twitter is one of the most popular social media platforms out there and hosts tweets from individuals as well as brands operating across most markets globally. This makes it a hot-spot for influencers and celebrities who have the power to boost your brand through shoutouts and retweets. These shoutouts are when they directly speak about a brand via live feed/video or real time posts on their event attendance. If brands can harness the power of a shoutout from a popular internet personality, they can receive a large influx of traffic and dramatically boost their presence and reputation online. Hootsuite has recorded that about 5,787 tweets go out every second and Twitter was listed as #21 for Forbes’ Top 100 Digital Companies list for 2018 (beating out Facebook at #26).

twitter shoutout

Easy ways to encourage twitter shoutouts in real-time, is to encourage use of the platform at your event. For example, events sometimes display digital screens constantly updating with different real-time images and posts from people at their events. 


3. Email And Newsletters

Engaging with new platforms and technology is necessary for growth, but don’t forget the traditional, time-honored methods such as email and newsletters. Emails are a great way to keep your customers/clients constantly updated or announce new deals and product information. The power in utilizing email is that the individuals have usually interacted with your brand and/or signed up for email alerts and promotional materials which makes conversions easier.

In addition, many have also signed up for newsletters when they subscribe because they don’t want to miss out on great opportunities or valuable information. Make sure that both your email campaign and your newsletter features eye-catching designs, is aesthetically pleasing, interesting material that helps them connect with your brand and create interest in new products and services you offer.  

Emails and newsletters are direct ways to reach and share to your set market place or current customers.


4. Automated Shared Posts And Real-Time Check Ins

Automated shared posts are popular for a reason; they work! The regularity of your posting has a direct effect on viewer engagement and traffic. There are studies that show just how effective automation and posting at the most effective times work and brings in more engagement. Hubspot’s study found that 10,000 fans experienced a 50% drop in engagement per post if they posted more than once per day on the platform Facebook. 

best-time-to-post-on-twitterHowever, top Twitter accounts are posting anywhere from 51-100 times per day. Each platform has different strategies when sharing posts; how many posts and what time to publish them is important to hit  peak engagement. 

By automating your shared posts, you can ensure you don’t miss a sharing beat and stay connected with a larger audience. Keep in mind that not everyone visits social media at the same time, so if you space out your posting at regular intervals, at least once per day, you are much more likely to get your post in front of viewers regardless of when, or how much, they visit the platform you use. 

Additionally, when you are attending an event or even visiting an interesting location, consider doing a real-time social media check in. Not only will you give viewers a chance to directly find and connect with you and brand representatives, but it also gives you the opportunity to highlight promotional events and current branding.  


5. Live Streaming

One of the reasons that live streaming is so popular is because the audience knows that you don’t get the chance to edit the content; it’s raw and real. They are getting a chance to connect with a brand representative or event in real-time, which gives them a more realistic sense of what you are offering to viewers.

Live streaming content should peak interest while being informal and relatable. People expect to see a less structured presentation which allows for more creative freedom and less scripting. The audience should feel as though they are getting the sense of who or what your brand really is, and stands for, in the given market. This strategy makes you seem more approachable and relatable, and, in turn, can create more interest and divert traffic to your home website. 

live streamingThere are approximately 3.04 billion social media users worldwide to date. Each of those users represents a chance for brands to connect and create a strong presence worldwide.

Use these top sharing technology trends to increase your ability to create new connections and even brand loyal relationships to help increase your reach to new audiences. For more tips on growing your brand and creating a strong online presence, you can subscribe to our blog below. 

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