Desert Star Dance: Online Ticketing for Dance Academies

Desert Star Dance: Online Ticketing for Dance Academies

Desert Star Dance, in Chandler, Arizona, is a dance academy different from the rest who just celebrated their 15 years of Dance education. Desert Star was founded in 2003 by Ann Olsen Bode, who brought together a group of professionals that created an atmosphere unique from any other dance academy you may have experienced before.

young girl wearing ballet outfit raised her left handFor this academy, the thirst for winning comes second while the students and families are always first. Desert Star Dance is more interested in creating a healthy balance between striving for excellence and enjoying the art of dance.

“Our goal is to have a positive impact while encouraging kids to work hard and be their best. We know there is a delicate balance between discipline and fun and feel it is important to maintain that balance in our classes and performances. We strongly believe in age appropriateness for youngsters in dance movement, physical training, music, as well as costuming.”



So why should you choose Desert Star Dance?

Their classes are organized by age and skill level, you only pay what you sign up for, and there is no payment upfront.

Every instructor is experienced and trained professionally. They are not only interested in the art of dance, but the children’s welfare and development.

They present amazing shows, all unique and different from the rest.

Everything they present is age appropriate and done in good taste. Everything from dance moves, costumes, and the music chosen is selected appropriately.

group of girls dancers on stage

So why do you need ticketing for a dance recital or an academy?

Friends and families are all going to want to be apart of the final production and witness their child’s improvement! Depending on your event size, it can become overwhelming if you are handling the ticket sales directly. 

With Purplepass Ticketing your families are given 24-hour access to purchase their tickets, while friends and relatives visiting can get their tickets a head of time, print-at-home and skip the box office entirely.

If the venue is large, you have the option, as event promoter, to let Purplepass design your own personalized seating charts and let your guests select their seats a head of time. Purplepass has a powerful assigned seating system that gives your guests the ability to load an interactive seating map, see the exact layout of the venue, and choose their own seats.


So while you are preparing for the performance, your guest are already prepared. Not to mention this is one of the few event registrations that has no contracts and low fees to make event planning even easier. 




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