New Upgrade: Support Staff Notes and Advanced Ticketing Options

New Upgrade: Support Staff Notes and Advanced Ticketing Options

Memos for telephone staff

When creating or editing your event, you can choose an option to leave a note for the Purplepass telephone support staff. This can be for anything you want customers to know upon purchasing tickets over the phone.

For example, if you need to let guests know where to park when arriving at the event or that the event will happen rain or shine, let the telephone staff know to tell them this.

special note or instructions to purplepass telephone support staff

Ticket options page

On each ticket type in the edit event page, there is a button for ticket options. Here you can set who pays the service fee (if the customer pays or you will absorb the cost), a custom facility fee, a custom tax, the status of the ticket type (onsale, hidden, sold out, or disabled with a custom message) and custom presale start/stop dates.


Automatically reassign custom URL from past event to current event

If you have a custom URL you use for an event, you can re-use the same URL for a current event that you used for an event that has already passed. When you re-use the old URL, the URL will be removed from the past event and used for the current one.

automatically reassign custom URL

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