New Performing Arts Center In Arizona Hosts Exciting Events

New Performing Arts Center In Arizona Hosts Exciting Events

Mesa Community College (MCC) needed a new performing arts center because the Arizona school’s dance and music programs had to hold events off campus. Now that it’s built, the Performing Arts Center is providing space for its students AND is hosting a variety of events for the community.

The Performing Arts Center opened in 2014. It includes a 460-seat theater, classrooms where dance and music students practice their craft, and classrooms where the students perform in front of small audiences. It boasts on its website that it “showcases a variety of music, dance, band, and choir performances within a vibrant venue of lights and technological magic.”

A key reason that the Performing Arts Center can host so many events is the school and area's bustling population. With about 26,000 students Mesa Community College is the largest school in the largest community college district. The city of Mesa has about 450,000 residents and is 20 miles from Phoenix, the USA's sixth largest city.

The events at the Performing Arts Center’s theater in 2016 include a Martin Luther King, Jr. Day celebration, a celebration of Neil Diamond's music, a musical performance of the movie “Legally Blonde,” and band, choir, dance, and music performances by students and community members. PurplePass offers tickets to these performances at this website.

Mesa Community College has two other venues that host events. The lobby at the Performing Arts Center holds events such as a jazz concert. A few blocks away, a theater hosts events such as the production of William Inge’s Pulitzer Prize winning play “Picnic” and a performance of Anton Chekhov’s play “Three Sisters.” PurplePass sells tickets to these events as well.

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