New Upgrade: Purplepass Goes Cloud-Based (2011)

New Upgrade: Purplepass Goes Cloud-Based (2011)

We know you are asking yourself what the heck clouds have to do with event ticketing. The answer is very simple - Rock solid reliability. The term "cloud" refers to the most advanced style of hardware and software configuration which provides the absolute fastest and most reliable website possible. Unlike most other websites, Purplepass is running 100% in a cloud configuration. This means that everything including the website, image storage, databases, box office interfaces and even our upcoming venue POS systems are secured.

Also, if you have a huge event go on sale and there is a rush to buy tickets, Purplepass will automatically expand itself by turning on as many additional servers as needed to make sure the site stays up, stays fast, and that every one of your customers can buy the tickets they want.

Yeah, it's totally awesome! We know :-)

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