New Upgrade: Box Office Interface (2011)

New Upgrade: Box Office Interface (2011)

You now have a complete box office solution built into your Purplepass account. You can now manage and check in will call orders, find people on your guest list, look up tickets, and also view real-time stats by ticket type and fulfillment method. In addition to this, you can also look up every detail about every order, see if their tickets were used, void out tickets, replace tickets, admit guests directly, etc.

Honestly, the only thing your new box office cannot do is make a cup of coffee! We are however working on this coffee maker feature. To use your new box office, simply click on the "Day of Event" button on your My Events page. From there, select Box Office and you are set. If you want to be able to scan in tickets or use a credit card swipe to instantly look up will call orders, let us know and we will ship you all the necessary hardware at no cost! That's how we do things here at Purplepass. Coming soon will be the ability to sell tickets directly through your online box office via cash or even credit card. Stay tuned for more great updates!

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