10 Resolutions Event Planners Should Have for 2020

10 Resolutions Event Planners Should Have for 2020

With a new year comes new goals. Event planners may want to keep these resolutions in mind and stick with them for their 2020 goals.


1. Use automation (for everything you can)

Automation allows planners to automate the entire planning process, from registration to event promotion and feedback. It’s became the trend of marketing and now a must-have!

There are several benefits of using automation, including simplification, time management, email marketing, workflows and comprehensive database generation. 

For event planners, here are the different processes you can use automation for to help with your ticket sales (We’ve paired each task with a software that can automate it).

HubSpot marketing tool feature



2. Get (and stay) organized

It’s time to stop procrastinating and get organized with event planning software or online tools! While every event planner has a different system of being organized, it’s important to find a process that works for you and your event. 

  1. For managing files, documents, contracts, etc: Online tools are Basecamp, Dropbox. Or put a system in place for filing, shredding, and making digital copies of all paperwork for reference. 

  2. For team communication: Online tools are Slack, Teamwork Chat, or Flock.

  3. For deadline tracker and reminders: Online tools are Asana, Deadline Tracker

  4. For template builders depending on different needs (budgets, day-of schedule, expense report, etc): Online tools are Venngage, Smartsheet, or NerdWallet

  5. For volunteer sign-up and account dashboard: Online tools are Purplepass, YourVolunteers, or SignUpGenius.




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3. Start taking advantage of your resources

You have a lot of resources, anything from digital tools to community help, that you can start using this new year.

Taking advantage of all the resources you have instead of just some can help you automate a process, delegate tasks to helping hands and free you up to focus on other projects. 

Here's how you can check or take advantage for other resources you might have access to: 

  1. Post for volunteer help (admin work, marketing, fundraising team, etc.). You’d be surprised to find the amount of people looking to help or build their resume. 

  2. Check out community networking events you can attend to connect with local vendors and businesses to extend your reach or help for future events. 

  3. Research the top online tools event planners are using to determine if you should be taking advantage of them too. 

  4. Run a S.W.O.T analysis (strength, weakness, opportunities, threats) to analysis your event and where you can improve.

4. Upgrade to the latest trending event tech

From virtual reality to automation, event technology is changing the event space for the better. The right technology can improve every stage of the planning and execution process in place. It can even go beyond that and improve your customer engagement overall. 

Before turning to any technology, you need to decide how you want to use new technology to improve your event. 

  • Boost engagement pre, during and post event 
  • Build effective marketing campaigns
  • Use as event exhibits (interactive displays, VR of products)
  • Improve entry line speeds and the registration process
  • Create hybrid events and/or experiences

5. Master work/life balance

Many events take place on the weekends and nights, with preparation always bleeding outside standard work hours. Even if it is part of your job, it doesn’t mean that you need to be on call 24/7.

Find ways to be more productive during your working hours so you can work on your work/life balance when you are off. 

Making time for YOU will help keep you healthy and sane during the planning process ensuring a smooth event. New year means new you! It’s time you take a breath, eat a healthy breakfast, do some yoga, gym sessions, and make time for you in 2020. 

6. Stay updated on the latest event trends

You can give your meetings and events added flair by staying in the loop with some of the latest trends (marketing, event planning, event technology, etc.).

When you stay up-to-date on trends, you avoid the risk of promoting a run-down event that is old news and has nothing new to show. 

One easy way to keep yourself updated via email is to set Google alerts on the topics you want to follow. 

Setting up Google alerts: 

  1. First, go to Google Alerts
  2. In the box at the top, enter a topic you want to follow (event trends, virtual reality, etc.)
  3. To edit the settings, click Show Options 
  4. When ready, click Create Alert. You’ll get emails whenever Google finds matching search results.

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7. Become the king or queen of data

Analyzing your data can ALWAYS make your efforts more productive and effective when setting goals. How do you know what’s working and what isn’t without full reporting? 

Becoming data-driven will allow planners to track attendance, engagement, marketing efforts, streamline processes, and accurately measure ROI.

If you set measurable goals, then you can show the value of your events, find room for improvement and effective marketing tactics that work. 


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8. Track and master time management

Relying on event planning software can help you cut out unnecessary steps and streamline the process to work smarter, not harder. Start by tracking where your day is going and see where you need to manage your time. 

Rescue Time can help you optimize your workday by giving you an accurate picture of how you are spending your time.

Block off dedicated work time, add it to your calendar just as you would a regularly scheduled meeting so you have time to focus on those tasks that need to get done. 

Minimizing distractions or the need to procrastinate is also an important part of time management. Use StayFocused, a Google Chrome Extension, which will lock or limit the time you can visit a certain website.

Sites such as Trello and Slack will also cut down on time wasted and are great for project management.

The new year means becoming a master of time management!

9. Create a bomb registration campaign

Nows the time to start putting more effort into your registration. Your ticketing determines the sales of your event. Your marketing can get the customer to your event page, but you can just as easily lose them if your registration process SUCKS! 

A good registration won't limit payment options, makes purchasing tickets fast and simple, offers variation of ticketing packages for them to choose from, ticket delivery options ... I could keep going.

Basically, as humans we want options. Our tip is to find a ticketing team that can give you those, along with full customization, reporting and 24/7 support for you and your guests. 



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10. Create a sold-out event

The ultimate goal for every event planner is to create a sold-out event. But how can you create one? Well, there are a variety of ways, it just takes effort on your part and creativity! We'll give you some ideas to start.

  • Create a referral program 
  • Use influencers or brand ambassadors
  • Social media giveaways and promotions
  • Customize their buyer's journey 
  • Use SMS Marketing
  • Use discovery site and event promotion services
  • Work with sponsors
  • Offer early bird discounts, group passes and other deals
  • Start blogging! 
  • Use promotional content such as videos and photos


All these tips I mentioned above we talk about in our blog. For weekly event marketing tips and ticketing strategies to implement for your next event, subscribe to our blog below. 

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