What Is A Flex Pass And How Does It Work?

What Is A Flex Pass And How Does It Work?

Almost everyone is familiar or has even purchased a season pass before. Season passes are great for guests that attend events associated with one company or organization throughout the year. The most common example is sporting events. If you are the ultimate fan, you will want to support your team throughout the year no matter what. Instead of buying individual tickets each game day, a season pass will let you do a one-time purchase that is usually good for all or most games.

Purplepass has season passes as an option for ticketing your event, but we also have the Flex Pass for an even more customized experience.


The Flex Pass

This pass is super similar to a season pass, only better and can work for a variety of events. With the flex pass you can add as many tickets from as many events from your account as you’d like. 

For example, If you are promoting a variety of events not related to each other, but in your account, you can include them on a flex pass in case customers are interested in attending those other events. 

In addition, you have the option to make a pass with a set number of tickets on it and allow your customers the option to select any set numbers you would like from it. For example, you can let guests pick 5 out of the 10 tickets/dates available on their flex pass. 



How Do You Create A Flex Pass?

To create your flex pass, log into your account,  go to "Create New Event" > “Manage passes & packages”, you will see the option to make it a flex pass.



enable flex pass



You enable a flex pass by selecting Enable Flex Pass Option and choosing how many events the customer has to choose from for the list of events in the pass. Remember to click Update Pass/Package.

Also, make sure to always have a greater amount of events available than you are allowing the customer to choose from.





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