Medieval Event Ticketing Built For Renaissance Fairs

Medieval Event Ticketing Built For Renaissance Fairs

The Renaissance was a period of the revival of classical learning and wisdom, a chance for scholars and the community to discover culture, art, music, literature, painting and increase awareness of nature with a more individualist view. 

renaissance fairToday’s Renaissance Fairs continue this tradition of celebration, plus they usually have beer!

With Renaissance Fairs usually comes high volume crowds followed by a lot of demands you will need to meet in order for you event to go off without a hitch.

Luckily, Purplepass has a lot of options and features that can support these needs; here let me show you! 





Group Options & Ticketing 

Most fair attendees comprise families and small/large friend groups enjoying the festivities. If your event is multiple days, you are going to want a registration that can accommodate such a request and your expected guest list. 



We can help you create an event for multiple days with tickets and passes to accompany the entire fair.

Group Ticketing

There are several ways to handle group ticketing with Purplepass. One way is to utilize our auto-triggering coupon codes to apply the defined discount for a certain number of tickets. Another way to do group tickets is by utilizing packages and passes. The last way is to define a minimum quantity the customer much purchase to buy a particular priced ticket.

For example, you can create a 10 pack of GA tickets at a discount where the customer buys the one group package and they will receive 10 tickets. This is also great for things like weekend passes, family packs, or for special package deals that include other things like merchandise and memorabilia.


Season Passes

You can build out custom packaged season passes that span multiple events which can be used in a variety of ways beyond standard season passes. Season passes support assigned seating and general admission. For assigned seating events, your guests will be able to select their own seat for each event that is within the pass.

If your season has several productions with many show times for each one, you can even allow the guest to choose their own show time for each production then choose their own seat for each.


Package Deals

You have complete flexibility in building out your package deals– Be creative! With the package feature, you can create a package of items that the customer will receive when they buy that item.

An example of a package deal would a weekend pass where the guest gets a separate ticket for each day of the multi-day festival. Another example would be a family pack where they can get 2 adult tickets and 2 children tickets at a discount.




Vendor & Volunteer Registration 


Screen Shot 2019-03-20 at 3.04.56 PMIf you are putting on a festival, most likely you are going to be turning to the help of volunteers. We want to provide you with the right resources to manage a team efficiently at your next event. 

Instead of turning to expensive services to manage your volunteers' registration and schedules, we can do it for you.

By using our free event option, you can create a volunteer event and allow them to register through Purplepass with NO extra charges.

After becoming familiar with your Purplepass account, it makes sense to create a free event where you can control all the information for your volunteers and create a sign up sheet online for everyones convenience. 

Since it is an event, it can also be embedded via ticket widget (learn below) directly to the event site. 





A Branded Buying Process

pp-m-img_94With a few lines of code, you can fully integrate the entire buying process directly into your own website. Guests can go to your site, learn more about your events, select their tickets, pay for them, and download their tickets without ever leaving your website.

This is the ultimate solution for a streamlined buying process for your guests that is simple and branded. Just copy and paste a few lines of code into your website and you are all set. No programming skills needed and our widgets work on every type of website platform.

the space purplepassWe offer 3 different versions

A Single Widget

A Listing Widget

A Calendar Widget 




Equipment For Large Crowds 

pp-e-img_122Here is what we can offer you:

- Wireless scanners and gear that anyone can use 

- A Smartphone App for Androids and iPhone with all your event info, reporting and scanners

- Receipt and Boca Printers

- Online Modes: Merchandise, Tips & Gratuity Options

- Terminals & iPad Gear

- Onsite Servers (never stress about WIFI again!)

- Cash Drawers 

- USB Gear


Everything about our equipment can be found here if you want to continue your research. 





Training & full support before, during and after the event 

The Purplepass team is exactly that, a team. You will never be alone with us, because your event is our event and we want to make sure it is a success! 

Unlike other registration companies that require you to upgrade for full support, we offer everything for free because you chose to work with us; why would we charge you?


1.We have online chats available to our event promoters the minute they open an account.

2. Each event promoter is assigned a client-care representative who will walk you through all the training and on-boarding needed to work with our equipment (trust me it’s doesn’t take long). They are here to learn your events, understand your needs, and always be available to you to help answer questions, setup events, or anything else you may need.

3. We have 24/7 phone support, if you need us give us a call. We are also available by email at if you feel more comfortable with that form of communication. 

4. You also have the ability to pass on messages to our support staff on a per-event basis. Let’s say the forecast for today is calling for rain and your guests are worried whether the event is still going to happen. You can easily add a note for that event that will be displayed to our support staff if your guests call in asking us what is going on with the weather etc.

4. Don‘t forget about our help center! This is where we answer all the questions we have faced with previous clients and it is constantly being updated every time we face a new question. 


help center purplepass


What can I say, we love helping! Don't forget, if you are uncomfortable using our equipment for the first time or nervous at the gate, we are available upon request to attend and work your event.

Anywhere you are, we will come to you, just let your client-care representative know of your onsite help request and they will get you set up with the right staff member. 




Customize anything and everything!

What’s fun about an event if you can’t make it 100% your own?

Purplepass gives you 100% face value on your entire registration, it’s your event, not ours. So of course you have the option to customize your tickets to match your event theme.

color tickets


pp-pm-img_75Our full color ticket stock is the best of the best. You can upload your own full color custom artwork on the front and even upload an additional image to be printed on the back. A great use for this includes adding company logos or even sponsors.

All full-color tickets have unique barcode serial numbers, sequential tracking numbers are printed on very highly quality heavy weight paper, and you can choose whether or not to have the stub perforated.

One of the best aspects of our full color ticket stock is the minimum order– Only 30 tickets! This gives you the freedom to order fully custom tickets for all of your events, regardless of the size.



Marketing Options

So you’ve finally reached the time to start promoting your event, well you’re in luck, because we can do it for you! Let us do the heavy work so you can focus on the actual event. Below is are our marketing package options:


purplepass starter package


purplepass silver package


Purple package



SMS Marketing 

Purplepass is proud to announce that we implemented our very own SMS messaging tool for our event promoters! Promoters can use SMS not only for marketing and cross promotion of their events, but more importantly, to offer the highest quality customer service possible. 

To learn more about how our SMS service works for your events, click here. 

There are a million reasons why you should consider using this feature for your next event. Below are our top reasons why our event promoters are using our SMS tool:

1. It is a direct channel to customers with guaranteed open rates

2. It increases their customer engagement, and brand awareness

3. The Purplepass account makes it easy to see who opts in

4. It is cheap and easy to use

5. Free cancellation text courtesy of Purplepass!

6. It is a highly popular form of marketing for each event you do

7. You can personalize/customize each message the way you want it


 But what do we offer that is FREE?!


SDadADAsd1. Every Purplepass account comes with an integration tool for MailChimp and Constant Contact. 

Purplepass’s email integration options, MailChimp and Constant Contact, now lets you create separate mailing lists depending on your topic of choice.

2. Every event is also automatically published through event promoting services: Eventful, Evensi and Evvnt.



How Does The Money Work

 Screen Shot 2019-03-20 at 8.56.29 AM


Payments processing & fees-1The big questions for event planners usually is about payments, taxes, service fees, deposits etc. anything to do with money because most planners rely on a budget especially hosting large fairs and festivals. 

We want to help you out and make researching easier for you before deciding on your event registration.

Check out our blog on the top questions about this topic by account users answered you might find helpful.





offer you-1


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