How to Use Purplepass to Collect Donations for Your Organization

How to Use Purplepass to Collect Donations for Your Organization

Purplepass is an event management software and registration platform for conducting ticket sales. However, promoters are not limited to just event page creation. Purplepass’ software is also used for 

  • Selling merchandise/ticket add-ons
  • Volunteer sign-up pages 
  • Collecting donations

If you’re currently running a charity "Give" campaign, having an online platform to collect donations is crucial for gaining funds. 

Setting up a donation page via Purplepass is easy and has everything you need to run an effective campaign (sharing options, social media integration, flexible donation tiers, tracking links, etc.). If you want to learn how to make a successful nonprofit organization, it all starts with your donation process. 



Don't just sell tickets, sell merchandise

With ticket add-ons you can
add merchandise, beer and food
options, etc. to your checkout.

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Users can create their own donation campaign with an event page

Users can create a general “Give” campaign which accepts donations of any amount (Set the donation to a $0 value under settings). This is addressed in further detail so keep reading! 


Using memberships or membership levels

Users have the option to set a minimum donation level.

For example, your minimum level could start at a $25 donation. The next level up could be $50, $100, $200, etc. By giving each tier it’s own name, promoters can create different levels that come with a variety of benefits. 


“The Ultimate Donor” could be the membership name for the $200 donation slot.

If someone selects and donates to this membership, they could be awarded with some merchandise, a branded t-shirt, priority purchasing, private event access, discount/PROMO codes to future events, etc.


Creating your donation page in Purplepass

  1. Log in to your Purplepass promoter dashboard

  2. Select “Create New Event” in the navigation bar or edit an existing event to add a donation option

  3. Locate the “Ticket Pricing and Options” section 

  4. Go to your ticket types and/or add a new ticket type by clicking the green + icon

  5. From the drop down menu, select donations



Note: Here is where you can set the minimum donation amount. Set it to $0 if you are accepting any donation amount. You can also include a name and description where you can add more information about your cause or perks donors might receive. 

Service fees and payment processing

*** Because of the current pandemic, COVID-19, almost all upcoming events have been cancelled, projected revenue loss and multiple companies are struggling for income. We want to help by waiving all service fees and extending this offer until June 26th, 2020. 

Purplepass is offering promoters the chance to set up and collect donations for their organizations online without service fees. 

To take advantage of this offer, promoters need to use their own merchant account or PayPal, as Purplepass cannot do processing for this case.

Before going live, send a confirmation message to so customer support can confirm that your account is exempt from all service fees.

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