Auto Social Distancing Tool for Safe Seating at Events

Auto Social Distancing Tool for Safe Seating at Events

Social distancing. The word all event promoters fear and may be the reason their events continue to be placed on pause. How can you possibly maintain proper social distancing protocols at events? 

Introducing Purplepass’ Auto Social Distancing (ASD) tool, created to make following CDC’s guidelines on social distancing and spacing out your guests possible!

Promoters can plan for the tool be released over the next few weeks. In the meantime, keep reading to learn what to expect and how ASD may be your answer to hosting safe events and follow social distancing.

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How auto social distancing works


First, ASD only works for events using assigned seating. Whether that be in auditoriums, theaters or outdoor venues, you need a seating map before getting started.

To have one built, contact your Purplepass representative and we will create what you need for free. Our maps offer support for all layouts, curves, booths, tables, etc. 



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ASD is the solution to assigned seating in a COVID-19 world. Meaning, the tool will give promoters the ability to define social distancing space on their seating maps, while maintaining it throughout the event(s). 

Here’s how it works. 

The tool will automatically apply space around seats within a group or individual seats. Promoters can start by having all their seats for sale via Purplepass using a seating map. As customers purchase tickets, the system will automatically put seats on hold around the party based on the distancing values set in their account. 

Guests can purchase individual seats or sit together; regardless of their party size, the system will still distance them out properly. 

Purplepass assigned seating map online

The buffer zone feature

The buffer zone tool is essentially the physical space around the seats that promoters can set. Instead of spacing out guests by seats, Purplepass’ new tool will use a buffer zone feature.

Not all venues are created equally.

Some seats are not always spaced out consistently, can be different sizes, have gaps, etc. Instead of going off the seats, the tool will measure the distance and physical distance between people. 

With the buffer tool, promoters will be able to set a pre-defined space. 

For example, a promoter can choose their buffer space to be three feet. Now, no party will be able to sit less than 3 feet from each other. If a customer selects two seats on the isle, the system will include the seats on the other side of the isle to block off if they are close enough to the buffer zone perimeters. 

The system will also apply this space in 360 degrees, including seats in the rows in front and the back. 

Granular control 

The buffer zone being used is defined by units of distance versus the venue seats. Promoters will be able to use granular control to better manage spacing. 

For example, when starting out, all promoters will have a large buffer zone.

However, as time goes on, they can reduce the size of the zone gradually allowing it to fill up the venue capacity more and more while maintaining the proper distance based on current situations. 

As concerns for COVID-19 fade, promoters can slowly reduce their buffer zones in small increments until allowing full capacity again. This offers complete control and maintenance of proper distancing as we move past this pandemic. 

Below is a demonstration of the functionality of the ASD system. 

purple circles with numbers on them and green and red colors

  • The green indicates seats selected.
  • The red indicates the buffer zone. 

The seats located in the red zone will be put on hold automatically upon purchase. This is just an example as the buffer zone will be much larger. 

We expect the Auto Social Distancing tool to be released mid May 2021. This solution is to ensure all distancing protocols are being followed while giving customers a peace of mind that their safety is being considered.

With ASD, promoters can always promise event social distancing and proper safety protocols.  

For more questions and inquiries about ASD, please contact your Purplepass representative or email us at

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