An Easy Trick To Always Get Your Work Done

An Easy Trick To Always Get Your Work Done

Completing projects within a certain time frame is crucial to staying on track and providing dependable and quality work. Staying on schedule and meeting deadlines can turn into a challenge quickly, but there is an easy trick you can do to help meet those deadlines and get your work completed and turned in on time.

What Are Deadlines And Why Do We Need Them?

deadline written and encircled on calendarDeadlines are the given time frame for completing work or a project. Meeting a deadline means having your project fine-tuned and ready to be presented by the end of that given time. 

Completing work by a deadline means you have the project turned in before the time is up and it gets where it needs to be on schedule.

Deadlines are important because they allow everyone to stay on a schedule and it prevents delays across the board that could affect the entire team; not only do they affect the person completing the project, but they also affect the person waiting on the completed work to begin or finish their own projects. 


An Obvious Trick That Can Be Done Wrong

One of the most obvious ways to meet a deadline is scheduling enough time to allow for completion time. Scheduling your time appropriately, however, can be done incorrectly and often is.

The main reason for this is because the time allowed for completion of the project rarely allows for any issues that can arise along the way. When problems arise, it can eat away at the time set aside to complete the project alone. Allow for extra time to tackle issues that can crop up unexpectedly to leave plenty of time to get back on task. 


How To Set Deadlines And Never Miss Work Again

The right way to set deadlines to fit within your schedule is to avoid setting them at the beginning of the day OR the end of the workday. Allow yourself plenty of time to get prepared and settled in at work before tackling your work load.

You also want to make sure you don’t have deadlines at the end of the day when your mind and body is feeling the effects of the work week fatigue. Using this strategy allows you to prevent rushing, creating poorly executed finished projects and helps prevent missing a deadline due to hectic mornings and/or end of the day energy lack.  


1. Create An Urgency Matrix To Organize Your Priorities

An urgency matrix is a method that allows you to organize your work tasks and projects in order of importance. The matrix helps you better visualize which activities and projects you need to tackle first and in which order to proceed throughout the day. Include all of your projects, deadlines, to-do lists and take a few minutes to analyze the urgency of each and arrange them in order from most important to least. 


the urgent vs. important matrix


2. Build Deadlines From The Start To The End Of Your Day

posted projects written on sticky notes Whether you have a deadline in place for a project or not, you can set them for yourself as a personal challenge.

Using this technique will push you to get the work completed on time and allow plenty of time for the next projects. This can also help prevent distractions and wasting time on other less important issues. 

By building different deadlines as your day progresses, It helps you avoid letting anything fall through the cracks and sets constant reminders as to what you need to finish before the day is up.





3. Use Task Management Softwares To Keep You On Track

Technology can be a real asset for managing your time and work load. Use task management software to help you create a visual aid that is user-friendly and can set reminders and alarms for deadlines, meetings, and other important work-related activities.

Asana work board

Task Management software is also easy to reorganize and change throughout your day depending on any new deadlines or projects that come up. A variety of these programs can be found online for a small price or even FREE! Check some out here: Capterra: Top Task Management Software Solutions.


4. Use The ABCDE Method

If you have never heard of the ABCDE Method, you are about to discover one of the most effective ways to make your day productive and efficient. It is a simple technique that will allow you to outline the tasks you need to complete within the day in order of importance; it’s recommended for really visual people. 

To get started, you will need to capture everything you need to accomplish within the day and write it out. You want to then arrange them in ABCDE order, meaning that your “A” task is your highest priority item for the day; this will be the task you must absolutely tackle. 

Next, your “B” tasks are medium priority tasks that can be tackled once “A” is out of the way. There may be over one or two of these, but remember that not all tasks are a“B” task. A “C” task is something you would like to accomplish if there is time, but that can wait if necessary. 

Finally, a “D” task is something you can delegate to another team member or an assistant. 

ABCDE method

Sticking to deadlines and completing work related projects in a timely manner is one key to being productive and successful at work. Use this information to help meet deadlines and never miss one again!

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