7 Benefits Of Using A Ticketing Software For Your Event

7 Benefits Of Using A Ticketing Software For Your Event

Investing in a ticketing software can offer several benefits for any event; the question is do you need it? If you are an event planner, you should consider the value of using a software program to help manage your event and save you time. 


#1: It Controls The Admissions Process

Perhaps the best reason to use a ticketing software is this; it’s a simple way to control who has access to your event. Also known as partner access. This feature ensures that proper compensation is paid and/or helps limit those who can manage the event through the software. It also provides you with a way to track how many people you are attending to control the event’s safety and planning accordingly. 

Having one software managing the event and tracking its process will help keep you and your team organized throughout the chaos of event planning. A software can act as one central hub where you can control most aspects of your event, direct people to it, and have everything you need in one spot.


#2: Online Tracking and Sales Alerts

No matter your event size, everyone planner wants to see profit and track how well their event sales are going. Investing in a ticketing software not only manages admissions the day of your event, but you can watch your sales grow and see purchased tickets leading up to the actual event itself.

Get real-time sales alerts, tracking your guest lists, knowing where your sales are coming from, etc. This is especially important for your marketing team to see where you are getting new leads, what campaigns are working and what isn’t. 



#3: Sell Tickets Online and Not Only at the Gate

We are living in a constant state of advancing technology, meaning everything lives online. Only selling tickets at the event gate can slow down the entrance process even if your guest list is small.

Guests don’t want to go to an event early or in advance just to secure their tickets. A ticketing software allows for you to sell your tickets and other merchandise online, in advance, not only for the convenience of your guests, but for you as well. By selling online, guests can be ready for admissions with their prepaid tickets already in hand, making for faster lines and a smoother entering process. 


#4: It Saves Money with Print-at-Home Tickets

print-at-home Every promoter knows the value of having the ability to avoid printing off tickets for your guests; it may look nice, but can add up fast. However many attendees might still request physical tickets, and that is okay.

Usually, more than half– often much more than this– would rather avoid waiting for the tickets to come in the mail or at the gate. Instead, providing your visitors with the ability to print their tickets at home for the event ensures there’s one less step for your sales team to manage.

The right ticketing software will give you an abundance of delivery options that work with your guests and their preferences. 


#5: Speed Up Entrance to the Event

The shorter the time you need to manage people arriving at the event, the less expensive your event becomes and the sooner it can start. If you have to have customers stopping to buy and pick up tickets at the box office of your event, you will need to give them more time on the grounds to do so.

If, however, they can print at home or have their tickets already prepaid, the entire process becomes easier. More so, when you use a ticketing software, the process is ultimately must faster because everyone is already in the system. You are much less likely to have a slowdown at the gate by using an online management system.


#6: Give Your Team Extra Support

When you have a tool like a ticketing software available, it manages the entire process in a more automated manner. This means you will need fewer hands on deck for your support team to manage and, with a small budget and staff, this is ideal. If you have other tasks you need to have your event team managing, it's hard to have enough staff to do it all plus controlling admissions.

Automated software can take the load off, saving management the time to do something else. 


#7: Personalize the Experience

Don’t forget, with the right ticketing software you can create an entirely customized experience for your guests.Send your soon-to-be-guests more information and guidance on the process, give them directions, tips for their arrival, and even places to stay nearby after purchasing their tickets. You can create a personalized experience that meets their needs and makes your event look professionally managed and carefully planned to the tee.

Purplepass gives their event promoters several ways to customize their admission process to their specific event. Designing ticket stock, setting delivery options, personalized messages, coupon codes, customize verbiage, anything you might need for your event, we can do it. Check out some features and tools you can use for your event; if you don’t see what you need, contact us at support@purplepass.com and we will work with you to create a feature specifically for your event. 

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Every event planner has limited time and funds. With the right ticketing software, you don’t have to worry about doing the hard work. You save time and money while delivering a higher quality product to your attendees. And, the experience is often more streamlined for everyone involved.

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