Online Ticketing For High Schools and Universities

Online Ticketing For High Schools and Universities

When ticketing comes to mind you think of concerts, festivals, and fairs, but most companies fail to address ticketing for school districts. Purplepass Ticketing’s online solutions are optimized for all school districts, universities and educational programs with a box office that can ticket for all your needs:

Art performances
Sports & Activities
Fundraising & Donations
and more!



Set Up

The event ticket management system is easy to set up by school staff, parents and/or volunteers. Everything is done right through your Purplepass account with a box office that interacts with your equipment and smartphones.

Having equipment options makes it easy to set-up at the gate with multiple tools to satisfy any event. We provide you with all the tools and hardware you need to easily setup and run a box office whether you are expecting 50 people or 50,000 people. Going Purple means you will never be alone as we provide customer support to you and all your customers by live chat, email and phone with no time zone limitations. We also offer on-site event help if you are not ready to set up at the gate on your own.


Live Reporting

Everything you need is at your fingertips, and that includes live reports, stats, and check-ins.


The stats we include are:

  • Ticket Sales
  • Distribution
  • Marketing
  • Social Marketing
  • Geography
  • Attendance
  • Coupon Codes
  • Guest Lists
  • Box Office

Custom Reporting

  • Financial
  • Customer
  • Marketing
  • Guest List
  • Detailed Event Statements
  • Charges & Invoices


Plus real-time sales alerts right to your phone or account! You will have the ability to view all your sales broken down by payment method, terminals used, and ticket types purchased. That way you know what is working and what isn’t. You have the choice of alerts for every sale, every X number of sales, every X number of tickets, and daily, weekly, or monthly digest reports. You can even add additional recipients so everyone is updated.


Features, Benefits and Customization

Purplepass gives you all the right tools to customize your event while making it easier to manage. Here are just some examples of tools we offer that are about to make your life easier:


Sale Control: You can customize when particulate ticket types are available for sale. For example, let’s say you wanted to offer special early bird pricing only for the first week of ticket sales, you can set the early bird to automatically stop selling after 7 days have elapsed.

Multiple Ticket Types: You can create as many ticket options as you want–there is no limit. Create general admission, adult tickets, children tickets, military discounts, VIP tickets, early admission, parking, packages, season passes…you name it!

Thermal Ticket Colors: Since we print and ship tickets in-house, you can define which color ticket stock we should use for a particular ticket type when a customer has tickets printed and shipped to them. We offer thermal ticket stock in 7 different colors, allowing you to use different colored tickets for different price points (e.g. GA will be blue and VIP will be red).

Partner Access: You can grant access to your account to as many users as you wish. You have full control over exactly what the users can see and do, from setting view-only access to certain parts of the event to full view/edit privileges for every aspect of the event.

Customize Verbiage: Not all events are selling tickets. Sometimes you are registering for school, signing up volunteers, or buying parking. You can customize the verbiage of the buying experience to match exactly what you are selling.


These are just a few of the variety of different features Purplepass can offer your school event.


Coupon Codes

For school events, there are usually a lot of discounts opportunities per event such as student, alumni, military, VIP holders, band, etc. That is why it is a good thing Purplepass has a large selection of different coupon codes you can offer your guests. 

Single Codes: Single codes are discount/coupon codes you create one by one; there is no limit on how many codes you can create.

Auto-Generated Code: Have the system automatically generate the discount/coupon codes for you. You can control exactly how the codes will look by choosing how many characters, any pre-defined characters (e.g. “Save” in “SaveXXXXXX”) and if the codes should include lower case, upper case, and/or numbers.

Mass Upload Codes: If you already have a list of codes, you can batch upload them directly into your event as discount/coupon codes

Fixed discounts per transaction or per ticket, combo deals, and discount rates.


Tracking your codes is even easier. If you have other people promoting your event such as teachers or students, you can issue tracking-only codes for each person. The codes will not provide any discount but can track sales that came from them. This is a great way to manage a commission program for your affiliates and promoters.

You also have the option to apply certain restrictions to your codes such as the number of times they are used per customer, set expiration dates, or auto-trigger codes allowing your code to be automatically applied when a criteria is met.


Assigned Seating

Purplepass has a powerful assigned seating system that will give your guests the ability to select their seats from an interactive seating map, see the venue’s layout and choose their seats all on their own.



The following our features offered with assigned seating:

  • Graphically driven
  • Full Control to Build & Manage Maps
  • Full Service Map Building for FREE
  • Color Code Sections
  • Choice of circles or images of seats
  • Preveiw of Stage
  • Handicap
  • Custom Messages
  • Media
  • Built-in Icons
  • Bird's-eye View
  • Support for Tables, Rows, Booths, etc.
  • Mobile Friendly


Learn more about other districts and universities we work with and read their real reviews on how our software worked for them at our blog on Client Spotlights. 


“PurplePass takes care of booking our student Massage Therapists so they can practice and frees us up so that we can teach. Massage clinics are key to getting our students the valuable practice they need while providing extremely affordable massage to the general public. But in the past teachers spent a lot of time booking appointments and processing them instead of teaching. PurplePass has taken care of all of that so our teachers can teach, our students can learn, and you can get a one-hour massage for just $10!”

– Michael Tapscott, Massage Therapy Instructor


“PurplePass has been awesome for our theatre performances over the last year. We had awesome shows with a professional, easy-to-use ticketing system which made our events more pleasant for everyone involved. Can’t wait to use PurplePass again for this year’s productions of Dracula, The Pajama Game, Treasure Island, and Brigadoon!”

Addison Walden, Teacher & Director at NFHS


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