Millennials & Events: Appearances Matter

Millennials & Events: Appearances Matter


Beyond being defined by what year they were born, Millennials are characterized by a variety of different traits depending on who is identifying them. Lazy, arrogant, entitled, or generous, inventive, and trendy. Whatever the definition, there is one characterization that we can all agree on and that is the idea that appearance to them is everything.


As a millennial, you may not even realize how true this is. Whether it's posting your food diaries to Instagram, supporting the selfie sticks, or living the hipster lifestyle, we genuinely care about our brand!

Now the question, does appearance really matter? It’s about what's on the inside right?

That may be true for people and relationships, but everything else is out the window. Unfortunately, in the event world appearances is everything! This is especially true for millennials. If you are targeting this generation for your next event, the following will help highlight some of the most essential appearances regarding your event and what millennials look for to help determine their attendance. Appearance represents your brand and communicates your message whether you realize it or not. Designing a signature look or color can help make your event more memorable and unique from the rest.


Online Designs

Whether it’s your event website, registration, mobile ticketing app, whatever you are using as your home base for your event, it better be on point. If you are using all of these platforms and more, their designs need to match your overall brand and stay consistent with your look.



Let's use a website for example. If your website design is not clean, eye-catching, or maybe there isn’t design elements at all, no one is going to want to attend your event. Your website represents your brand, so make sure the design communicates what you want people to know about your event. Fun, colorful, sad, serious, party, professional, relaxed, etc. a design can communicate the setting of your event or determine the viewer's mood towards it. Understanding how color psychology works is a powerful tool in helping create a brand that captures what you want others to feel.


Themes Galore!

If you don’t have a theme, you don’t have an event. Why are people coming? What makes you special?

Pick a theme and stick to it! People come to events for the experience, whether it’s Neon Garden, Back to School, Great Gatsby, education, Classic China, Plant and Sip, I can keep going! Picking a theme is part of the fun of event planning; using that theme to market your event and make it something memorable and new for your guests to experience.


Photo Ops

Millennials are all about the photo opportunities! Choosing a great theme, color scheme, event design, and venue space all translate into one thing … social media opportunities!!!! Millennials document everything and anything because they want the world to know they were here. An event that encourages costumes, special attire with the bonus of photo booths gives them something to document.

Event Photos

If you don’t do a photo booth, guests still want event photos!

It might cost paying a photographer, but it’s just another perk you can offer your guests to extend their experience.




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