The Checklist To A Bad Event

The Checklist To A Bad Event


If your event is following this list, most likely it’s going to fail. Use this as a guide to know what you should avoid doing to have a successful event.


Repeat Last Year's Event

"Last years event was such a success, so don’t change what isn’t broken right?" … False


If last years event was so successful, add onto it! Offer something even more exciting than last year to convince your previous guests to return. A great example is the US Sand Sculpting Challenge event which was very successful last year, but this year changed their hours to operate even later. They advertised their venue’s night light possibilities such as cocktails during sunset, lighting up their sand sculptures and taking advantage of their venue’s atmosphere at night.  

By advertising these new hours and activities, people that attended last year came back for a chance to see the sand castles in a new light (pun intended).



Food Isn't Top Priority

"We can put out some water, meat trays and call it good!" … False


If you are human, you know we like our food. Food keeps your guest happy, and happy guests mean a successful event. Us humans also love variety, sorry we are needy.

Mexicans, Italian, ice cream, vegan, etc. there are so many different foods you can incorporate to make your food options fun and exciting. Outdoor events can offer a few different food trucks, and most catering comes with options for vegetarians and vegans. Whatever your event make sure there is food, enough to go around!


Tell Your Friends Than Call It Good

"Word of mouth is the best form of marketing around!" …. False


One of the biggest mistakes you can make it not utilizing the variety of marketing options out there for your event. Email marketing, social media, newsletters, press releases, paid ads; word of mouth works, but shouldn’t be relied on alone. Make sure to take advantage of all the marketing and social media platforms out there to spread the word about your upcoming event.

Make sure your advertising is focused towards your target audience, which this event is for! That way you can point your marketing towards a specific group for a better outcome. Find an audience at which your event would be perfect for and understand their forms of advertising, so you know how to get your ads to them.



Themes Aren't Necessary

"A concept, themes, creativity... you don't really need it to have a successful event"... False.


Why are people coming to your event?

What makes you different from the rest?

What is going to make you stand out and be unique?

By answering these question, you can understand what about your event is truly special and where to focus your advertising. What are you offering your audience that another event down the corner doesn’t offer? This concept should flow within your ads, social media, and platforms. It should be a constant theme that stays consistent with your brand.


Registration Is Just Registration

"Registration doesn't matter, just helps get people into the event." ... False


The most significant mistake people make through ticket registration is either too much technology or way too little. Too much technology, constant alerts, mobile phones, online check-in cannot always be accessible to everyone. It’s hard not to assume that everyone has access to a smartphone or the internet, but by putting registration entirely online, you may be losing customers.

Too little technology can be annoying for your users as well. Again picking up at will-call or shipping tickets might be convenient to some people, but it's not for everyone especially with our access to technology.

You have to find the middle ground and a ticket registration that can offer both smartphone access and paper tickets for all consumers.

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