Why You Should be Joining a Wine Club

Why You Should be Joining a Wine Club

Guaranteed Access

Being part of a wine club guarantees that you get access to all the wine selections. Wine clubs also come with special offers, better prices and being able to purchase it first before regular customers can. By joining the wine club, you are becoming the wineries most important customer and are always at the top of their list!

Most wine clubs offer special offers and new wine selections to their wine club customers first before promoting it to their regular customers.

Delivered to your Door!

Why leave your house and run to Trader Joe's for their wine specials, when you can get top-quality wines delivered to your door. Feel like a queen and let your neighbor's envy your new delivery service.

Learn the Different Types of Wine

If you're a wine lover or want to be, this is the perfect way to experience different wines, whites, reds, dessert wines, sparkling … so many wines so little time! 

Always Be Prepared for Dinner Parties

Never rush to the store again for last minute drinks and food pairings, because you have your wine club wine!

Educate your guests, brag about your wine collections, all-in-all let your wine club membership release your inner wine snob.


Wiens Family Cellars products

Wiens Family Cellars wine club offers wine discounts, complimentary wine tastings, VIP status and their best reds exclusively to their wine club members.

As a wine club member, you will receive wines before they are available to the public, six times a year. You may choose to pick these wines up from the winery or have them shipped right to your door.

One bottle of pre-released red wine and one bottle of white wine both selected by the winemaker, plus one bottle of Amour De L'Orange.

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