Best Places to get Mac n' Cheese in San Diego: My Personal Favorites

Best Places to get Mac n' Cheese in San Diego: My Personal Favorites


stacked mac n'cheese


If you haven't been to stacked, GO!! It’s a futuristic dining experience using Ipads to create or stack your orders and send them off to the kitchen. I didn’t think it was possible to “stack” mac n’ cheese until I tried!

Stack anything on top of your pasta from extra extra cheddar cheese, to eggs, shrimp, bacon you name it!


duckaroni at urban solace

Urban Solace

If you like clean, modern American, natural ingredients, unique beers and oh yes, mac n’ cheese, this place is for you!

They offer their famous Mac n’ Cheese, Duckaroni, with duck confit, blue cheese, garlic, bacon breadcrumbs.

They also have the Butternut Mac n’ Cheese and Old School Mac n’ Cheese with bacon, caramelized onion, cherry tomato and bread crumbs.


Getting hungry yet….?

 eureke mac n' cheese balls


Eureka Is another American restaurant, and besides the various entries and drink selections, I go there for one thing … the Mac and Cheese Balls! If you’re someone that needs a quick taste of their favorite pasta dish to fill the void, go to Eureka.

Don’t underestimate the size, it’s the perfect balance of creamy cheese, pasta and bread crumbs!

 breakfast republic mac n cheese in a pan

Breakfast Republic

Finally, my favorite breakfast spot in San Diego! But mac n’ cheese for breakfast … OH YES!

The combination works so well together, with a few eggs and bacon placed on top! Not only is the Breakfast Republic delicious, but their meals are healthy, organic and clean to eat without missing the taste! If you want to try this place out I recommend getting there a little early as it can get crowded fast.


The 4th Annual San Diego Mac n' Cheese Festival is coming up, October 27th. Get tickets now for cheesy, creamy goodness!

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