Creative Up-And-Coming "Geeks" Could Become Very Successful After Awards Show

Creative Up-And-Coming "Geeks" Could Become Very Successful After Awards Show

Talented artists, fashion designers, filmmakers, and writers all over the nation must work at jobs they're not interested in. The Geekie Awards is an effort to help those people achieve their dreams.

The Geekie Awards will honor creative professionals for the fourth time in 2016. The awards' purpose is to give up-and-coming people in artistic industries “the opportunity to receive recognition in front of a worldwide audience,” the awards’ mission statement says.

 Previous award shows resulted in more than 1 billion media impressions (one media impression is one piece of content seen by one person).

female cosplayer wearing blue costume on the geekie awards

The specific awards are based on works submitted to the judges and industry interest. There were 13 categories in 2015 -- arts, comics & graphic novels, fashion, toys & craft, video games, tabletop games, podcasts, short films, websites & blogs, trailers & videos, music videos, scripted web series, and unscripted web series. The winners were accomplished professionals who are making a great contribution to American culture although the term “geek culture” is jokingly used.

Several people honored at the first three Geekie Awards have attained tremendous success thanks, in part, to the publicity they received. Here is a list of some of them. "We want undiscovered talent to shine, and we help push their career to the next level,” the awards show website says.

Purplepass will sell tickets for the 2016 awards show at this website. The Geekie Awards website reports the show will be a fun ceremony “with the vibe of a comic book/tech convention, complete with live action stunts, fun videos and cosplayers galore.”

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