1.3 Million People in India Can Now See Thanks to the Sankara Eye Foundation

1.3 Million People in India Can Now See Thanks to the Sankara Eye Foundation


Curing blindness in 8 million poor people in India sounds like an impossible mission, but the Sankara Eye Foundation has taken large leaps toward its goal since it was established in 1998. As of late 2015, about 1.3 million previously blind Indians could now see.

The Sankara Eye Foundation, which is based in the nation of India, estimates that more than 80 percent of the blindness in India is curable because it’s a result of glaucoma, cataracts and other conditions that can be treated effectively. The foundation wants to fund the construction of 20 eye hospitals and one million eye surgeries annually by 2020. Currently, eight hospitals are functioning and 150,000 eye surgeries are being performed annually. The foundation is the largest provider of free eye care in the world, according to Indo American News.


The foundation reported last year that it has examined more than 3.5 million people of India through its Gift of Vision program, examined more than 5 million Indians via its Rainbow program, distributed more than 100,000 eyeglasses to children for free, and performed more than 1.3 million free surgeries.

The Sankara Eye Foundation regularly holds fundraisers so it can raise enough money to achieve its objectives. This list of past fundraisers show that last year it held fundraisers in Washington, D.C., New York, Dallas, Houston, Austin, San Jose, and southern California as well as India.


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