Checkout Questions and Ticket Stock

Checkout Questions and Ticket Stock

Checkout Questions

Want to ask your customers how they heard about your event? You can add any custom question to the checkout process in Purplepass. Just go to My Events and click “edit” on the event you want to add questions to. In the “Additional Options” section there is a checkbox for asking questions during checkout. If you check the box you will get a question field to type your question. You can even specify a ticket type that gets the specific question.


Additional details for confirmation to help reduce order errors (now confirms event date and time)

When a customer makes a purchase, the customer sometimes makes an error by purchasing for the wrong date or time. To help prevent this, there is now an additional confirmation alert that shows the date and time the customer is purchasing tickets for and the alert has a prompt for the customer to confirm this. By again showing the chosen date and time, Purplepass minimizes ordering errors.


More control when ordering ticket stock (Set custom event name, date, address, and Presented By)

When you order ticket stock for your event, you can easily customize many details that appear on the tickets. These details include the event name, date, address and “presented by” if necessary. The more accurate information on the tickets, the better off your guests will be by avoiding confusion as to the date and location of the event, for example.


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