New Upgrade: Wireless Scanner Updates (2010)

New Upgrade: Wireless Scanner Updates (2010)

We are very excited to announced that a new version of the Purplepass wireless scanner software has been released. With this new update comes several improvements over the previous version most of you are already familiar with. We have taken all of your feedback and been hard at work to bring you the following updates:

Advanced configuration options
Now our scanners can be shipped ready to use with a variety of configurations. The most common configuration will be a single-unit scanner without the need of internet. We can now ship scanners ready to use in a multi-unit configuration where up to 5 scanners can be used without the need of any special setup or hardware. When connected to the internet, you can now login to your Purplepass account directly from the scanner to download all event data.

Usage tips
On the main page, you will now see tips on how to scan tickets. Even if you've never touched our scanners before, using it for the first time will be snap!

Battery indicator
We've also included an on-screen battery indicator so you are always aware of how much juice you have left.

Test Mode
You can now set the scanner to a test mode which will allow you to scan tickets without marking them as used. Now you can test to make sure everything is setup correctly and ready to rock before you open your doors.

Built-in admission stats
Probably the most desired feature was the ability to view stats. Now you can see a detailed breakdown by each ticket type showing how many there are in total as well as how many of them have already been scanned in. When using multiple scanners, all will communicate with each other in real-time so each device will have accurate up-to-date admission stats.

Stay tuned for some major updates which are coming soon. Over the next several weeks, we will be releasing updates and announcing new features which have been in the works for the last several months. Hold on tight because we are taking your ticketing company to a whole new level.

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